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ZEE was established according to unique standards and deep experience inspired by its vision of construction.
Our services are of the highest quality and workmanship.

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Our History

ZEE owns a great team of experts in the field of management to meet growing demand for advisory services and urban market by integrating global thought with local expertise. ZEE's highly experienced team, who have developed constantly to serve clients of ZEE to meet their needs and have achieved considerable distinction in construction sector with the correct concept. By building various construction projects, qualifying to be the leading contractors in the field at the level of the Kingdom. ZEE represented by management and engineering staff to understand the rules and established market thoroughly practical, academic fields, and accumulated field experience. Construction and infrastructure projects were and remains among the most important priorities of ZEE; diverse activities, backed by willingness and ability to meet market needs and customer expectations in terms of quality and standards.
ZEE sector mission was the beginning of an important urban recovery contributed to pushing the economic wheel to the Kingdom and the establishment of a new urban era
as well as modern perspective.
ZEE works on huge and medium size construction development projects in Saudi market, it is a specialized facility providing integrated urban services with professionalism and commitment to international quality standards. 

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